Global Tools

We need technology to make global collaboration a reality across different geographic locations, timezones, and languages.

I created two separate pages of *technology tools:

  1. Tech Tools for the Classroom
  2. Teacher Tech Tools 

The first page includes tool that can be used in your early childhood education classroom to help create global learning experiences. These are tools that allow for collaboration, exchange, and dialogue through the use of video, real-time digital tools, virtual spaces for writing, commenting, and more!

The second page includes tools that are specifically for teachers to use to make global connections and build a personal learning network of teachers and colleagues around the world. Tech tools that can be used to create and share presentations about your global learning experiences and global classroom projets are also included on the page. Sharing our ideas and experiences connecting classrooms around the world is a pivotal piece in helping to promote global collaboration and inviting others to engage in these projects.

*If you have a suggestion for a tech tool that should be added to either page, please fill out this Google form so I can add it to our list! 


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