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May Day Updates

Wow, Tech for Global Early Childhood Education has really taken flight! I can’t believe it’s already been over a month since I launched it. There have been over 3,850 hits to the site and educators from New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, the U.S. and many other countries have visited these pages! Thanks to everyone who has visited or contributed to the site so far. I hope the website will continue to be shared around the globe. The goal is that through this site, we can all continue to share resources and ideas about using technology as a tool to facilitate global learning, exchange, and collaboration, staring in early childhood.

What’s New? 

There are now a number of funding resources on the Ideas to Action page to help teachers find the money or the hardware to provide their students with the technology needed to enable global learning experiences. There are also new tips about building home-school connections. Some new links have been added to the Culturally Relevant Teaching section on the Why Globalize ECE? page as additional resources to learn about that approach.

A few new projects have also been added to the Current Projects page. If you have others to suggest or update, please let me know! And if you are part of a current project, I would love to add your experience to our Teacher Stories page so other educators can learn from you.

Collaborate and Share Resources with Other Educators! 

If you currently use technology in your classroom and know of specific technology tools for teachers or young children to facilitate global learning and exchange, please share them via this Google Form.

In addition to the Ideas to Action page, I have heard from some educators that a FAQ section would be helpful. To make the questions and answers as helpful and relevant as possible, I want to solicit them from you! What questions do you have or were you asking when you began using technology for global learning? Please use the comment section below to let me know what questions (and answers) would be helpful to teachers who are just starting to use technology in their classrooms to create global learning experiences.

Upcoming Global Events: 

The NAEYC Professional Development Institute (PDI) is quickly approaching and  there will be a number of Technology Sessions as well as a session on Preparing Teachers with a Global Perspective.

If you’re attending ISTE 2012 (I hope to!) in San Diego, then you should check out the Global Education Summit, a follow-up to the virtual Global Education Conference.

Finally, World Savvy has a list of interesting global events for teachers this summer.