Current Projects

Want to find out what’s being done now, around the world? This page lists a number of global collaboration projects being carried out across the globe via technology:


Check out the Global Classroom Manifesto – Image Credit:

Blogs & Websites:


Kinderchat Google Earth Project from Nicole Cingiser on Vimeo.



Project Databases:

  • iEarn Projects – iEARN projects are designed and facilitated by educators and students worldwide, and result in a range of collaborative final “products.”
  • UN Global Classrooms – an innovative educational program that engages middle school and high school students in an exploration of current world issues through interactive simulations and curricular materials.
  • KidLink – open for all children and youth in any country up to the age of 15, and for students that are attending secondary school. Most users are between 10 – 15 years of age. Since the start in 1990, children from 176 countries participated in Kidlink projects.
  • ePals – helps you connect with classrooms around the world. They have some cool collaborative projects.
  • – Global SchoolNet’s Projects Registry (PR) is the oldest (1995) and largest online clearinghouse for teacher-conducted global learning projects.
  • Edmodo Pen Pal Project – Students will use to communicate with the other students in this project. They will chat to learn about different aspects of each others’ lives. Each month or so a new topic will be provided to guide the chat.
  • Monster Project – Global Kids Working Together, Learning Content in a real Context
  • The Flat Stanley Project  – connect your students or classroom with other children or classrooms participating in the Project by sending out “flat” visitors, created by the children, through the mail (or digitally, with The Flat Stanley app).
  • TWICE Projects – Collaborate with other teachers on seasonal projects or Read Around the Planet
  • Muse – a social utility that connects you with Internet2-enabled technologies and educators. Check out their project database!
  • Quadblogging – Four schools or classrooms agree to take turns reading and commenting on each other’s blogs. So in week one all the students read and comment on the stories on Class 1’s blog, in week two they all read Class 2’s blog and so on.
  • Global Leap VideoConferencing – Currently G-LVCTA finance, host, deliver and support a menu of some two hundred different topics/options/titles, suitable for all key stages and across curriculum areas.
  • Connect All Schools – A list of global collaboration networks, organizations, and competitions provided by Connect All Schools.

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